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  1. Pados, Britt Frisk PhD, RN, NNP-BC
  2. Thoyre, Suzanne M. PhD, RN, FAAN
  3. Estrem, Hayley H. PhD, RN
  4. Park, Jinhee PhD, RN
  5. McComish, Cara PhD, CCC-SLP


Background: Feeding difficulties are common in infancy. There are currently no valid and reliable parent-report measures to assess bottle-feeding in infants younger than 7 months. The Neonatal Eating Assessment Tool (NeoEAT)-Bottle-feeding has been developed and content validated.


Purpose: To determine the factor structure and psychometric properties of the NeoEAT-Bottle-feeding.


Methods: Parents of bottle-feeding infants younger than 7 months were invited to participate. Exploratory factor analysis was used to determine factor structure. Internal consistency reliability was tested using Cronbach [alpha]. Test-retest reliability was tested between scores on the NeoEAT-Bottle-feeding completed 2 weeks apart. Construct validity was tested using correlations between the NeoEAT-Bottle-feeding, the Infant Gastroesophageal Reflux Questionnaire-Revised (I-GERQ-R), and the Infant Gastrointestinal Symptoms Questionnaire (IGSQ). Known-groups validation was tested by comparing scores between healthy infants and infants with feeding problems.


Results: A total of 441 parents participated. Exploratory factor analysis revealed a 64-item scale with 5 factors. Internal consistency reliability ([alpha]= .92) and test-retest reliability (r = 0.90; P < .001) were both excellent. The NeoEAT-Bottle-feeding had construct validity with the I-GERQ-R (r = 0.74; P < .001) and IGSQ (r = 0.64; P < .001). Healthy infants scored lower on the NeoEAT-Bottle-feeding than infants with feeding problems (P < .001), supporting known-groups validity.


Implications for Practice: The NeoEAT-Bottle-feeding is an available assessment tool for clinical practice.


Implications for Research: The NeoEAT-Bottle-feeding is a valid and reliable measure that can now be used in feeding research.


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