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BD PosiFlush Pre-filled Syringes

BD now offers the PosiFlush prefilled syringe as an alternative to vial-based systems. These needleless syringes are designed to enhance healthcare worker safety while reducing the number of steps a clinician takes to prepare flush syringes. BD also reports that the Posi-Flush syringe will reduce acquisition, storage, and distribution costs for the multiple components currently required to flush catheter sites. The single-use product is intended to decrease the potential for cross-contamination associated with multidose containers, and hence result in fewer medical errors and complications. Both the Infusion Nurses Society (Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice. J Intravenous Nurs. 2000; 23(65): standard 56) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage the use of single-dose flushing systems.


The clinician using the Posi-Flush syringe will be able to minimize the catheter reflux introduced by flushing with standard 12 mL hypodermic syringes and also improve flushing proficiency with the use of the BD Blunt Plastic Cannula. Syringes are also color-coded so that healthcare workers can easily identify the syringe's contents. For more information on the Posi-Flush syringe, please call (800) 488-9729.


Health Care Logistics ShotBlocker Eases Injection Pain

The ShotBlocker, introduced this year by Health Care Logistics, Inc., is intended to provide drug-free pain relief during routine injections using "gate theory." According to this theory, a gating mechanism is present in the spinal cord through which pain travels to the brain. According the manufacturer, the ShotBlocker stimulates the skin around the injection site with multiple blunt skin contact points. The sensation from the ShotBlocker is meant to close the "gate" and therefore block pain signals to the brain. For more information on this product, call (800) 848-1633 or visit the Web at


Kidz-Med Medicine Dispenser

Lord Richard Imports, Inc., introduced the new Kidz-Med Medicine Dispenser as a way to make the administration of oral medications to infants and toddlers easier. The pacifier is designed with a graduated reservoir that holds up to 5 mL of medicine. Medications are delivered through the nipple by depressing the pacifier's built-in plunger, or by the baby's normal sucking. The pacifier is orthodontically approved with a polypropylene mouth shield and silicone nipple and meet Food and Drug Administration biocompatibility standards. For more information, call (877) 206-3225.



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