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Dailey's Notes on Blood 4th edition (2002) Author: John F. Dailey Publisher: Medical Consulting Group Arlington, MA 264 pages


This reviewer found this reference text of interest with its unique self-administered education format, probably of greater interest for the healthcare-interested public than a healthcare clinician. Although the premise of the text is based on "notes," it does supply information in an easy-to-read style.


The text offers brief summaries and general reviews of many topics related to blood; transfusions; associated applications for component and medicinal replacement, and administration therapies; and immunohematology for the clinician who may be involved in care delivery using clinically based applications. The clinical information is delivered succinctly in an unembellished style for the consumer. The reference book should take its place comfortably in home and school libraries.


Dailey's Notes on Blood contains marginalia with the identification of subject matter as single notations that the reader can use to identify the topic being discussed. A glossary of terms is also listed at the back of the text. At the conclusion of chapters, the author includes self-test questions and an appendix with answers in an expanded format. The bibliography contains supporting references from non-nursing sources. Chapter 23 will be of particular interest to the reader. The chapter focuses on transfusion-free medicine (TFM) and describes goals, techniques, and a general description and discussion of the care of patients participating in TFM. The chapter also addresses patients with religious restrictions who may require TFM.


This reference is an overview of hematology, immunology and blood bank protocols, and offers a simplistic approach to transfusion therapy including medically prescribed therapies, transfusion-related reactions, and component and infusate replacement therapies. The reference book is a compilation of "notes" and not profoundly comprehensive information for the clinical specialist.