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This month, the INS staff is busy pulling together the final plans for our Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee, May 31 through June 5. The 2003 meeting is special, however, because it marks our third decade as the leader in infusion care. Thirty years ago, INS was established with only a few dedicated volunteers-including founders Ada Plumer and Marguerite Knight-and a vision of the future where intravenous nurses were recognized as advanced professionals in their field. Today, we are nearly 5300 members strong and have seen the scope of the infusion nurse's practice grow and change with the healthcare landscape. INS members remain with the Society because they know that we can offer them the resources they need to stay on the cutting edge of infusion nursing, and those resources will all converge at the Annual Meeting this spring.


Veteran members of INS who have attended several Annual Meetings will tell you that this is the year's premier event, offering an array of educational sessions for every level of infusion care. Starting with the weekend program, the National Academy of Infusion Therapy, nurses attend sessions focused on advanced practice. The main portion of the 30th anniversary meeting, beginning on Monday, has been expanded to include new focus tracks in specific areas that will enhance your practice-Oncology, Professional Development, Business Management, and Nursing Education. If you are a CRNI seeking recertification units, this meeting will allow you to earn the full 40 units you need to maintain your credential.


The program is rounded out with plenty of other resources and activities that you can only get at an INS meeting, like opportunities to network with your peers, industry professionals, and academics, plus the chance to view the newest products and services at the Industrial Exhibition. Members also are encouraged to attend the INS Business Meeting, where the Board of Directors and I will report on INS' accomplishments, successes, and future strategic initiatives. At the INS Town Meeting, held just prior to the Business Meeting, we will be available to answer questions and address member concerns. We value your ideas and opinions, and this is a great forum to let your voice be heard.


We also take time during the Annual Meeting to recognize and reward those who have made significant contributions to the Society. The INCC/Gardner Foundation Reception and the Celebration of Excellence, hosted on Monday and Tuesday evenings, are both inspiring and relaxing after an intense day of educational sessions.


Whatever your goals are as an infusion professional, we are sure that our special 30th anniversary meeting will offer you the tools you need to take the next step in your career. We are proud that, even in the midst of changes in healthcare and a nursing shortage, INS members continue to reach higher, obtain more knowledge through the resources we offer, and strive to deliver the best infusion care possible. This year we have more to celebrate than ever, so we hope to see you in Nashville!