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  1. Tamburro, Robert F. MD
  2. Conner, David T. BS
  3. Proctor, Kimberly E. RN, BSN
  4. Butler, Cheryl L. CRNI, RN
  5. Britton, Lunetha R. RN


The purpose of this project was to assess if the presence of a mediastinal mass adversely influences peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) positioning. A retrospective review of all PICC placements over an 18-month period in a pediatric oncology hospital was conducted in which patients were categorized by the presence or absence of a mediastinal mass. A much higher proportion of patients with a mediastinal mass (8 of 13) had a malpositioned catheter than those without a mass (3 of 38; P = .0002). A significant proportion of the malpositioned catheters in patients with a mediastinal mass terminated in the right heart chambers. These findings show that clinicians must be vigilant about checking for PICC malpositioning in this patient population.