1. Alexander, Mary BS, CRNI

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Since the beginning of 2003, Americans have been focused intently on international issues. Sometimes incidents like the one in Iraq remind us that we are truly part of a global community. This is certainly true when in comes to infusion care. INS has worked hard over the years to reach out to nnfusion nurses around the globe and share the latest infusion research, techniques, products, and educational resources. We have been thrilled to see greater numbers of international manuscripts come in from infusion professionals who are working to give the best care possible, sometimes under less-than-ideal conditions or within tight budgets.

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Our mid-year issue of the Journal of Infusion Nursing spotlights the contributions of infusion professionals from around the world, from Iran to Spain, Australia, Turkey, and back to America. Although some of the methods or products used in these clinical articles may be unlike those used in the United States, it is enlightening to see infusion research that advances the level of care in countries where socialized medicine demands greater rationing of supplies and staff. An article on providing culturally competent care rounds out this issue, as a reminder of how today's nurses can deliver modern healthcare while respecting their patients' and coworkers' diversity. We hope that these articles will lend perspective to the kind of infusion care that is practiced here in the United States, and perhaps some of you will be inspired to conduct your own studies that will continue this discourse.


In addition to our special international focus, we offer updates on the state of INS as a professional organization, which recently celebrated 30 years of infusion excellence at the Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition in Nashville, Tenn. In these pages, you will be introduced to INS' 2003-2004 President, Jackie Tropp, MSN, CRNI, CFNP, learn about INS' accomplishments over the past year, and read about what exciting new plans are on the horizon for the Society. We are proud of the strides we've made since our last Annual Meeting, and, with help from dedicated members like you, we'll keep our momentum.

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