1. Brunelle, Desiree RN, MSN


This article presents the results of a prevalence research study conducted at Winchester Medical Center in Winchester, VA. This research study assessed the impact of implementing a dedicated infusion therapy team to provide central vascular catheter care and administration of total parental nutrition (TPN) on the rate of nosocomial bacteremia. Data were collected from monthly infection control reports and retrospective chart reviews conducted by infusion nurses. Nosocomial bacteremia rates are compared before and after implementation of infusion therapy central venous catheter and TPN administration intervention.


In 1997, the Winchester Medical Center (WMC) Infection Control Committee identified the need to reduce central venous catheter (CVC) related bloodstream nosocomial infections. Although the WMC infection rate was below the national rate for nosocomial bacteremia, infections related to CVCs doubled in 1996 and remained on the rise in 1997 with significant patient morbidity. Under the direction of the Infection Control Committee, a Performance Improvement Team was established to investigate practices that would affect a reduction in catheter-related sepsis.