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This issue of the journal contains articles reflective of our interest in international developments in ambulatory care. Some, such as the article by Dr Ketbi et al, from Abu Dhabi, reflect international interest in health policy innovations that began in the United States; in this case, the patient-centered medical home. Prevention and communication of health prevention practice by health professionals to patients are a key aspect of the patient-centered medical home. In the next article, Dr Zamir and colleagues, from Israel, highlight the importance of health professionals practicing what they preach. Dr Polak and colleagues, also from Israel, continue the prevention theme with an article on an innovative outpatient intervention: the culinary coaching program. Returning to the United States, Dr Augustine et al add to our understanding of what issues motivate patients as they access to the patient-centered medical home. How can community outreach improve care coordination? Dr Baur et al attempt to answer that question in the next article. The last 2 articles in this issue reflect our abiding interest in community health centers-the first by Dr Dor et al on cost-effectiveness of asthma interventions, and an article by Dr Rosul and colleagues on improving access to care in federally qualified health centers.


-Norbert I. Goldfield, MD