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  1. Dor, Avi PhD
  2. Luo, Qian MPSA
  3. Gerstein, Maya Tuchman MPH
  4. Malveaux, Floyd PhD, MHS, JD
  5. Mitchell, Herman PhD
  6. Markus, Anne Rossier JD, PhD


We present an incremental cost-effectiveness analysis of an evidence-based childhood asthma intervention (Community Healthcare for Asthma Management and Prevention of Symptoms [CHAMPS]) to usual management of childhood asthma in community health centers. Data used in the analysis include household surveys, Medicaid insurance claims, and community health center expenditure reports. We combined our incremental cost-effectiveness analysis with a difference-in-differences multivariate regression framework. We found that CHAMPS reduced symptom days by 29.75 days per child-year and was cost-effective (incremental cost-effectiveness ratio: $28.76 per symptom-free days). Most of the benefits were due to reductions in direct medical costs. Indirect benefits from increased household productivity were relatively small.