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PROTEX Medical Corporation announces Sharpseal, a simple, self-contained disposal unit for intravenous catheter needles. Sharpseal, designed to reduce the number of needlestick injuries, serves as a "third hand" for healthcare professionals who start IVs. In usage, the clinician removes the adhesive cover strip from the bottom of the container and places Sharpseal near the work area. The lid is peeled back to expose the containment foam. Once the venipuncture is made and the catheter has been advanced into the vein, the needle is removed from the catheter and placed into the Sharpseal tray. With one finger, the needle is pushed into the foam. With the needle safely contained, the clinician secures the IV without the fear of a needlestick injury. The lid to Sharpseal is resealed and disposed of in the sharps container. For more information contact Doug Gunnell, National Sales Director at PROTEX by calling (888)-776-8397.