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Implemed, Inc., the developer of Oligon, a silver-based antimicrobial technology, announces that it has signed an agreement with Vygon (UK) Ltd. for exclusive distribution rights to Implemed's OLIMPICC peripherally inserted central venous catheter in the United Kingdom. Oligon composite materials electrochemically release silver ions that are renowned for their antimicrobial effectiveness. The silver ions destroy microbes on the inside, outside, and along the entire length of the catheter for an extended period of time. Oligon provides a response to the significant morbidity, mortality, and cost of infections arising from medical devices. For more information contact Donald G. Anderson, Implemed Vice President of Marketing and Sales, by calling (617) 923-6375. Figure

Implemented (OLIMPIC... - Click to enlarge in new windowImplemented (OLIMPICC peripherally inserted central venous catheter)