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This report highlights the Intravenous Nurses Society's membership, education, marketing, and other successes of 1998. It is a helpful tool for Society members and friends to use in reflecting on and evaluating the year's achievements. Yet again, INS illustrated the results of effective collaboration with committed members, industrial partners, INS Local Chapters, colleagues in other areas of healthcare, and of course, patients receiving intravenous care. In 1998, INS saw growth and development in itself and in its members. Maintaining this forward motion is the Society's highest priority for the coming year.


1998-1999 INS President Crystal Miller selected "Leading the Way" as the theme that would tie together her presidential accomplishments. INS put this theme to work on all levels of the Society, from membership and national meeting marketing campaigns to the 1998 Leadership Institute in Houston, Texas. Crystal's leadership, combined with the efforts of thousands of dedicated INS members and the INS National Office staff, helped INS lead the way into the future of IV therapy. INS shared its mission with IV nurse specialists, other healthcare professionals, and IV patients through advertising initiatives (Nursing 98, Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, American Journal of Infection Control, National Association of Home Care, The Case Manager, Infusion, Arizona Nurses Association), representation at national nursing conferences, and daily interaction between IV therapy colleagues in practice settings around the world.


INS made progress on every front. The National IV Nursing Network answered more calls than ever, assisting INS members with tough clinical questions. Membership campaigns brought in new members and motivated INS' top membership recruiters with an incentive program. INS stepped up its advanced educational offerings, hosting two one-day programs as a convenient option for IV nurse specialists in need of continuing education and recertification credits. The INS Website increasingly became a valuable vehicle for communication with INS members and others involved in the specialty and was used as an interactive resource for research, meeting information, INS Local Chapter contacts, and INS membership applications.


With the overwhelming support of the INS membership, the INS Board of Directors was expanded to include new positions: two Directors-at-Large and a Public Member. Two new INS Local Chapters were established to meet the needs of IV nurse specialists in Rhode Island and in the tri-state area of South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. INS published the Intravenous Nursing Standards of Practice (revised 1998) to benefit all healthcare professionals and IV patients. Industrial associates showed their support of INS by becoming partners for educational programs and Journal of Intravenous Nursing supplement issues and sponsors of networking and professional development opportunities.


In 1998, INS developed aggressive, long-term strategies to attract new members, control attrition rates, and encourage former members to rejoin the Society. Members' confidence and participation in the Society increased, as did the Society's ability to expand its repertoire of professional development opportunities. These illustrations of significant progress do not appear in statistical reports, but they are vital to the continued success of the organization. Confident of its place in the specialty and prepared to face the changes pledged by the prospects of the new century, INS closes another year and looks forward to the progress that awaits. As INS continues to lead the way, IV nurse specialists and their patients are assured the best in professional development, continuing education, advocacy, and IV therapy.


Educational Achievements

INS regards education as its highest priority. All INS National Office departments contribute to the Society's success in planning, producing, evaluating, and staffing INS educational meetings. INS constantly seeks innovative ways to present advanced educational meetings and fine-tune existing programs. In 1998, INS responded to members' need for additional credit-bearing, convenient educational programs by offering two one-day continuing education meetings. This model was well received by meeting participants who appreciated the opportunity to "piggy-back" a one-day session with another meeting to maximize opportunities to earn recertification and continuing education credits.


In 1998, INS demonstrated its commitment to continuing education in the following ways:


1998 Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition "Make the Connection"

The George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston hosted the 25th Anniversary INS Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition May 2-7, 1998. More than 1800 INS members, faculty, and industrial exhibitors traveled to Houston to celebrate the Society's Silver Anniversary and take advantage of professional development opportunities. Participants attended educational sessions presented by IV therapy leaders and other healthcare experts, created and renewed professional relationships, took a nostalgic look at the first 25 years of INS history through the Silver Anniversary Retrospective Exhibit, and met the leading producers of IV-related products and services. The Annual Meeting agenda was packed with presentations that addressed the nine core areas of IV therapy, an entertaining and inspiring opening session featuring INS past presidents, social events, and a well-attended industrial exhibition.


In addition to providing a multitude of professional development and educational opportunities, the 25th Anniversary INS Annual Meeting gave INS leaders a chance to be recognized. June Benoit was named INS Member of the Year, and Lynda Cook received recognition as CRNI of the Year. INS named Judy Hankins the 1998 Outstanding Performance Award winner. Kate Im received the Educational Poster Presentation Award, and Richard Sheehy was honored for his outstanding Abstract Presentation.


Collaborative Disease States Management in Home Infusion

On August 22, 1998, in Chicago, Illinois, INS and Baxter Healthcare collaborated on a one-day educational event that brought together experts to enrich the healthcare professional's understanding of disease states management in the home IV setting. One hundred forty participants earned contact hours and recertification units as they learned to develop interdisciplinary, comprehensive care paths to achieve optimal outcomes within cost constraints. Individual presentations included "Evolution of Managed Care in the Home Practice Setting," "The Collaborative Effort Between Nursing, Pharmacy, and Ancillary Support Systems," and "Labor and Technology Costs Associated with Home Infusion." The program was presented in conjunction with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Home Care '98 Meeting.


Current Strategies in the Management of Vascular Access Device-Related Complications

On Friday, November 6, before the 1998 Fall National Academy of Intravenous Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona, INS presented Current Strategies in the Management of Vascular Access Device-Related Complications. This one-day educational program was made possible by a Continuing Medical Education Grant from Abbott Laboratories. Topics in this "pre-National Academy" program included "Infection Control Principles in the Care and Management of Central Venous Access Devices," "Superior Vena Cava Syndrome: Complicated VAD Placement," and "Use and Misuse of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters." The program offered 227 participants contact hours and recertification units and a unique opportunity to attend two distinct INS educational programs at one location in one weekend.


1998 Fall National Academy of Intravenous Therapy: "Blazing a Trail"

Almost 500 healthcare professionals convened in Phoenix November 6-8, 1998 for the Fall National Academy of Intravenous Therapy. Participants networked with IV therapy colleagues, learned from leaders in the specialty, and gained exposure to the latest IV therapy technology and information. The Fall National Academy gave INS members and other healthcare professionals an opportunity to earn continuing education credit and participate in professional development activities in a brief but intensive weekend meeting.


The Industrial Exhibition showcased leading manufacturers and providers of IV-related products and services. Industrial representatives reached the target market that evaluates and purchases their products, and IV nurse specialists enjoyed the dialogue with industrial representatives.


Publications Achievements

Revised Intravenous Nursing Standards of Practice

Intravenous nurse professionals have long relied on the Intravenous Nursing Standards of Practice to promote IV therapy safety and excellence. In 1998, INS issued a new edition of Standards of Practice to reflect advances in the field. Intravenous Nursing Standards of Practice (revised 1998), sponsored by Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems, offers detailed information on all aspects of IV therapy. The revised document assists the IV nurse specialist in developing comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of IV therapy issues and techniques.


All INS members received a complimentary copy of the published Standards of Practice with their January/February 1998 issues of the Journal of Intravenous Nursing. The publication also was promoted extensively through membership growth initiatives that reached former members, CRNI nonmembers, IV therapy and homecare facilities, and other target groups. Additional copies for members and nonmembers are available for sale through the INS Membership Services Department. An electronic version has been available for research purposes on the INS Website since October 1997.


Journal of Intravenous Nursing

The Journal's dynamic new look was presented to members with the January/February 1998 issue in an effort to match the innovative contents with a more contemporary format. A new thematic approach to manuscript publication resulted in two Special Focus Issues: a pediatric focus for the May/June 1998 issue and a cancer care focus for November/December 1998. The Publications Department has reserved related manuscripts submitted in 1998 for Special Focus Issues to appear in 1999. An expanded Editorial Review Board lent its expertise to the publication process, working with authors to create advanced and interesting manuscripts of clinical value to IV nurse specialists and other healthcare professionals. A campaign to attract new authors also succeeded, directed at nursing school administrators, graduate students, and the members of the Editorial Review Board. More than 60 manuscripts were submitted for consideration in 1998.


The Journal supplement issue Interventions in the Management of Vascular Access Device Patency added another dimension to the 1998 editorial calendar. The supplement was a print version of the one-day INS continuing education program by the same name, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1997. The issue was sponsored by a Continuing Medical Education Grant from Abbott Laboratories. All INS members and Journal subscribers received a complimentary copy of this special issue.


INS Newsline

This source of timely information helps INS members to maintain their connections to INS and colleagues in the specialty. Newsline continued its pattern in 1998, featuring regular columns on medication safety, IV nurses' use of the Internet and other computer technology, clinical news, and the INS President's perspective on issues of concern to the specialty. Important INS developments were addressed, including the 1998 Gardner Foundation Capital Campaign, the redoubled efforts of the National IV Nursing Network, and the signing of the INS-American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) agreement to collaborate on educational programming.


INS Website

The INS Website continued its development with such added features as the "What's New" section, links to INS industrial partners' sites, advertising possibilities, and expanded information about INS educational programs and meetings. Design improvements made the site easier to navigate, and content was updated on a regular basis. The site registered its highest number of hits for the year in March, with more than 52,000 hits. The average number of hits monthly was 45,000. A significant number of foreign hits illustrates INS' global presence among healthcare professionals. These numbers suggest that the INS Website became a widely used resource among IV nurse professionals in 1998.


Core Curriculum of Intravenous Therapy

The Core Curriculum of Intravenous Therapy, first published in 1984, is the IV nurse specialist's guide to the nine core content areas of the IV specialty. Presented in a convenient outline form, the Core is a valuable tool for examination preparation, review of basic IV therapy information, and IV therapy educational curriculum development. In 1998, editors and authors prepared it for publication with a substantive revision of the text, references, and appendices in accordance with the revised Intravenous Nursing Standards of Practice. The book will be available through INS Membership Services.


Committee Reports

National Council on Education

The National Council on Education (NCOE) develops abstracts, objectives, and outlines for the National Academy of Intravenous Therapy and INS Annual Meeting. The Council solicits participation from IV nurse specialists and other healthcare professionals from across the country based on a wide-ranging network of contacts in the healthcare arena. NCOE also assists with administration of National Academy and Annual Meeting events by introducing speakers, monitoring educational sessions, and providing support to the INS National Office staff at program sites.


The NCOE annual educational planning session was held in June 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts. During this meeting and subsequent activities the committee confirmed all topics, abstracts, objectives, and speakers for the 1998 Fall National Academy of Intravenous Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona and the 1999 Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. The group also selected topics and developed abstracts, outlines, and objectives for the 1999 Fall National Academy in Boston, the 2000 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the 2000 National Academy in Orlando, Florida, and the 2001 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Entrepreneur Committee

The Entrepreneur Committee provides information to the membership regarding business opportunities for the self-employed IV nurse specialist. Consulting opportunities, new ventures, and emerging practice settings were considered by the committee in 1998. The committee developed an entrepreneurial focus for the 1998 Annual Meeting in Houston and contributed a recurring column for Newsline readers in 1998.


Clinical Practice Committee

The Clinical Practice Committee completed a draft of an IV therapy policies and procedures manual in 1998. The manual will be edited and then reviewed by the Clinical Practice Committee and the INS Board of Directors before publication. It will be made available to healthcare professionals and organizations for use as a guide in developing their own policies and procedures for IV therapy.


Standards of Practice Committee

Following the publication of the Intravenous Nursing Standards of Practice (revised 1998), the committee that will oversee the next revision of the document was named. In the last quarter of 1998, the group worked with the Research and Education Departments at the INS National Office to outline the research and review processes for the new Standards.


Organizational Affiliations

1998 was a year of increasing INS participation in the larger healthcare sphere. Whether formalizing its longstanding relationships with professional organizations such as ASHP or creating mutually beneficial partnerships with IV nurse specialists in other nations, affiliations with other healthcare groups exposed INS to new membership, marketing, and educational opportunities. Organizational affiliations established or formalized in 1998 include:


American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

In 1998, INS and ASHP signed a letter of agreement making official the longstanding cooperative relationship between the two professional organizations. The agreement has resulted in greater communication and collaboration on educational programs that benefit members of both groups. INS has had regular involvement in ASHP's Annual Home Care Meeting, which offers multidisciplinary continuing education opportunities appropriate for IV nurse specialists. Collaborative Disease States Management in Home Infusion, a one-day INS educational program held in August 1998, preceded the ASHP Home Care '98 Meeting and marked the third INS event produced in conjunction with an ASHP meeting. The one-day program took place in Chicago, Illinois. INS and ASHP issued a joint press release announcing the agreement in 1998, and the organizations exchanged display advertising space in their respective professional journals. Additional opportunities for the INS-ASHP partnership are planned for 1999.


National Campaign for Healthcare Worker Safety

By signing the Pledge to Healthcare Worker Safety, INS joined such esteemed healthcare organizations as The American Nurses Association, The Association of Operating Room Nurses, and The Association of Occupational Health Nurses in support of needlestick injury and occupational disease awareness and prevention. Lynda Arnold, RN, BSN, established the National Campaign for Healthcare Worker Safety and its Pledge after her experience with a sharps-related injury and subsequent illness. The group's mission is to "educate and motivate all healthcare workers and healthcare facilities to advance workplace safety regarding the prevention, responsibility, and reporting issues" surrounding sharp object injury and work-related illness in the healthcare setting.


United States Pharmacopeia

As a member of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), INS was invited to attend a Regional Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, in November. INS was one of only two nursing organizations represented at the gathering. Participants discussed strategic activities and public health initiatives related to medicine use and healthcare technologies. INS anticipates additional involvement in USP activities in the region.


Intravenous Nursing New Zealand

Agreement of Understanding and Cooperation

INS and Intravenous Nursing New Zealand (IVNNZ), New Zealand's professional organization for IV nurse specialists, developed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation in 1998. Among the goals of the new partnership are open communication between INS members and their colleagues in New Zealand, information sharing about significant international developments in the specialty, and the continuous exploration and pursuit of new opportunities for collaboration between IV nurse specialists of both organizations for the benefit of the specialty and all IV therapy patients.


The American Nurses Association

Organizational Affiliate

In 1998, INS continued its organizational affiliation with the American Nurses Association (ANA). This relationship allowed INS to increase its involvement with the nursing profession, interact with nursing leaders outside the specialty, and access the ANA's vast resources. Crystal Miller represented INS before the ANA House of Delegates at the ANA Convention in San Diego, California.


National Federation of Specialty Nursing Organizations and National League of Nurses

Joint Meeting

INS continued its involvement with the National Federation of Specialty Nursing Organizations (NFSNO) and National League of Nurses (NOLF) in 1998 by participating in a joint meeting of the two organizations. Because many nursing specialty organizations are members of both groups, the joint meeting was an excellent opportunity for INS to share its success with and learn from colleagues in other specialties. The meeting's mission was to provide a voice for specialty nurses and promote partnership between specialty organizations. The mission was embraced by member organizations represented at the meeting; INS looks forward to future involvement in similar collaborative events.


Industrial Partnerships

INS relies on its long-time industrial partners to support the Society's work through industrial exhibits, industrial showcases, advertisements, and sponsorships of INS educational programs and publications. In 1998, corporate partnerships resulted in exciting collaborations ranging from one-day educational programs to support of the Gardner Foundation's educational scholarship and grant programs. These relationships help INS to continue its 25-year tradition of providing members and the specialty at large with valuable resources to improve patient care. The following companies are recognized for their contributions to the Society's success in 1998:


Abbott Laboratories

A Continuing Medical Education Grant from Abbott Laboratories contributed to the success of the one-day educational program Current Strategies in the Management of Vascular Access Device-Related Complications, presented in conjunction with the INS Fall National Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, the 1997 INS-Abbott one-day educational program Interventions in the Management of Vascular Access Device Patency was the basis of a Journal of Intravenous Nursing supplement issue distributed in tandem with the September/October 1998 Journal. INS looks forward to producing a 1999 Journal supplement based on the Current Strategies one-day educational program and extends its appreciation to Abbott Laboratories.


Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems

Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems sponsored the publication of Intravenous Nursing Standards of Practice, a primary resource for healthcare professionals involved in the administration of IV therapy in all practice settings. The revised edition of Standards was published in 1998 and promoted through membership and marketing initiatives. It was distributed to all INS members with the January/February issue of the Journal of Intravenous Nursing, posted on the INS Website for electronic reference, and sold through the INS Membership Services Department. Becton Dickinson is a longtime INS corporate partner, and the Society is grateful for its continued support.



JobSpan, an employment database, was added to the list of INS membership benefits in 1998. The computer-driven system matches healthcare professionals who enter their employment profiles into the JobSpan system with professional opportunities available throughout the country. The program is useful for IV nurse professionals in all phases of job searches, from those who actively seek new positions to nurses who wish to passively explore opportunities that match their criteria and professional backgrounds. An INS Website link to the JobSpan Website was created to make it easy and convenient for INS members to access the database.


Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc. continued its support of the Gardner Foundation in 1998 by presenting a second corporate donation of $10,000, from which came this year's Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc. Medical Research Grant. This corporate partnership with the Gardner Foundation is important not only because it strengthens the Foundation's financial base, but also because it supports the mission and goals of the Foundation and the Society by providing scholarship and grant funding for IV nurse specialists who wish to further their studies in the specialty. Johnson & Johnson Medical's 1998 grant recognized the dedication of one IV nurse specialist whose research will further the aims of the specialty. The company's support is much appreciated at all levels of the INS.



The opportunity to establish and renew collegial relationships in the specialty is considered by INS members to be a significant benefit of attending INS educational meetings. Corporate partnerships with providers of IV-related products and services make possible many opportunities for networking at INS events. In 1998, several of INS' corporate partners hosted Annual Meeting events, ranging from early morning breakfasts to festive evenings in celebration of the INS Silver Anniversary. The following corporations are recognized for their sponsorship of these events:


Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories hosted the gala Celebration of Excellence. The affair honored the leadership of outgoing INS President Corinne Wheeler. A buffet dinner, dancing, award presentations, and Ms. Wheeler's remarks were highlights of the evening, as was the presentation of the Outstanding Performance Award, received by Judy Hankins. INS Member of the Year June Benoit also was acknowledged at the Celebration of Excellence.


Bard Access Systems

Bard Access Systems sponsored the Intravenous Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC) Reception, an evening event that took place at Sam Houston Heritage Park in Houston, Texas. The celebration featured regional foods, tours of historic homes, live music, Texas-style entertainment, and professional networking in a causal atmosphere. Lynda Cook, CRNI, was named CRNI of the Year at the reception.


Bayer Corporation, Pharmaceutical Division

Bayer's Opening Breakfast gave meeting participants a few moments to enjoy casual conversation before the start of the week's hectic educational schedule. The breakfast preceded the meeting's Opening Session and Keynote Address.


Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems

Becton Dickinson hosted the "Sticko de Mayo" theme night party at Adrian's, an authentic Mexican restaurant in Houston. The evening was a real fiesta in the Cinco de Mayo tradition, complete with delicious Mexican food, sombreros, dancing, and karaoke performances.


Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Medical's Gardner Foundation Reception included a buffet dinner, dancing, and awards presentations. The company's $10,000 corporate donation and the first Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc. Medical Research Grant were happily acknowledged by all in attendance.


3M Health Care

3M supplied the registration bags that helped Silver Anniversary Annual Meeting participants organize invitations, paperwork, programs, and handouts. Silver Anniversary Post-It notepads were included in the registration bags, courtesy of 3M.


Industrial Showcases

Several of INS' longtime industrial partners opted to feature Industrial Showcases at the INS 25th Anniversary Annual Meeting. These educational sessions allowed manufacturers to introduce the latest IV-related technologies, research, and new products to the audience of meeting participants, many of whom are key decision makers in their practice settings. Each Industrial Showcase was presented twice and featured a question and answer period and an opportunity to earn continuing education and recertification credit. The following companies presented Industrial Showcases at the Houston meeting:


3M Healthcare

Remapping Healthcare: From Insuring to Ensuring Health

This showcase addressed the need for healthcare professionals to redefine and redirect their thinking to ensure the health of all clients. Current healthcare delivery paradigms and the purpose of "health ensurance" for all stake-holder groups were considered.


Abbott Laboratories

Catheter-Related Infection and Thrombosis: Integrating Research into Clinical Practice

The Abbott Industrial Showcase examined current research findings associated with catheter-related infection and thrombosis. Showcase participants were asked to identify critical stages for improving clinical outcomes in the management and prevention of catheter-related infection and thrombosis so that new findings may be integrated into clinical practice strategies.


Bayer Corporation-Pharmaceuticals Division

Office/Clinic-Based Infusion Programs: Opportunities for the Healthcare Provider

Bayer's presentation encouraged IV nurse specialists to continue to refine the home IV therapy model of care and aim for cost-efficiency and quality. Participants discussed the differences between ambulatory and home IV therapy and considered the benefits and limitations of on-site drug administration.


Vital Signs

Vascular Access Device Flushing: Current Issues

Issues regarding standardization of patency flushing of vascular access devices are nursing practice concerns for both the generalist nurse and the IV nurse specialist. This Industrial Showcase identified current clinical issues regarding patency flushing of vascular access devices and discussed distribution options for flushing.


Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems

Critical Thinking Wherever Care is Given

Critical thinking skills are required if excellence in competency-based outcomes it to be attained. While education is the cornerstone, traditional passive teaching methods have become ineffective in delivering desired outcomes. This program defined levels of performance that differentiate the knowledge and skills needed to make the most appropriate and beneficial decisions for patient care and identified an interactive method for educating nurses to use a process management approach when delivering IV therapy.


Venetec International

Avoidable Complications in IV Therapy

This presentation focused on three aspects of IV therapy: the backdrop of everyday occurrences such as disconnections, phlebitis, and infiltrations; the mechanism of these complications; and the role of securements in the prevention of catheter-related complications. Participants learned to identify the incidence and causes of IV-related complications and methods for prevention catheter disconnection, phlebitis, and infiltration.


The Gardner Foundation

1998 contributions to the Gardner Foundation resulted from the first year of the Foundation's Capital Campaign and a $10,000 corporate donation from Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc. The Gardner Foundation is indebted to Johnson & Johnson for its continued commitment to encouraging IV research and education through its support of the Gardner Foundation's goals. The second year of the Gardner Foundation's awards program extended grants and scholarships to five IV nurse specialists who demonstrated outstanding dedication to the specialty. 1998 Gardner Foundation Awards and Scholarships were presented to:


Johnson & Johnson Medical Research Grant: Marilyn Hanchett, RN, CIC; Gardner Foundation IV Research Grant: Norma Krumwiede, RN; INS Meeting Scholarship: Earla Brenner, RN and Frani Goodrich, CRNI; Gardner Foundation Education Scholarship: Jacqueline Langlois, CRNI.


Intravenous Nurses Certification Corporation


In 1998, the Intravenous Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC) offered the Certified Registered Nurse Intravenous (CRNI) credential for those who passed the certification examination. The Certified Licensed Nurse Intravenous (CLNI) certification examination program was suspended indefinitely by the INCC Board of Directors because of the disappointing number of registrants and INCC's subsequent inability to meet program goals. Recertification through continuing education remained an option for both CRNIs and CLNIs.


The CRNI examination consisted of 200 multiple choice questions administered in a single, 4-hour testing session. Nine clinical areas of IV therapy practice were covered: technology and clinical applications, fluid and electrolyte therapy, pharmacology, infection control, pediatrics, transfusion therapy, antineoplastic therapy, parenteral nutrition, and quality assurance.


In May 1998, the CRNI examination was held before the INS Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas and at 16 other regional locations. In September, the CRNI examination was administered at 31 locations nationwide.


1998 Summary of Participation

In 1998, 640 nurses took the certification examination and 389 passed (61%). The number of exam takers and the percentage who passed the exam are consistent with the previous three years. As of the end of 1998, there were 3,657 CRNIs and 38 CLNIs.


CRNI of the Year

The 1998 CRNI of the Year Award was presented to Lynda Cook, CRNI, of Greensboro, North Carolina. Her essay "How Certification Has Enabled Me to Enhance the Practice of IV Therapy in My Workplace and Community" and her contributions to the specialty set her apart from other CRNIs in 1998. The award was presented during the INCC Reception, hosted by Bard Access Systems in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary INS Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition.


Item Writers Workshop

Each year INCC offers nurses the unique opportunity to increase their IV therapy knowledge by participating in the Item Writers Workshop with an Exam Council member and an Applied Measurement Professionals test development expert. The purpose of this workshop is to develop new questions that reflect the professional responsibilities of the IV nurse specialist. Workshop participants develop and write test questions for future examinations. In 1998, nine IV nurse specialists participated in the Item Writers Workshop, held November 5-6, before the Fall National Academy. The workshop was funded in part by an educational grant from Abbott Laboratories.


1998-1999 INS Board of Directors


Crystal Miller, BSN, MA, CRNI


Intravenous Therapy Nurse


St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center


Hartford, Connecticut



Beth Fabian, BA, CRNI


Director of Clinical Services


IVOnyx, Inc.


Livonia, Michigan



Fe San Angel, BSN, CRNI, OCN


Clinical Nurse, IV Therapy


Cedars Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center


Los Angeles, California



Corinne Wheeler, MSN, CRNI, CPNP


Executive Director


Health and Hospital Corporation


Indianapolis, Indiana


INS Committees

Clinical Practice

Maria Cora Vizcarra, CRNI (Chair)


Kathy Campbell, CRNI, BSN


Lorie Myers, CRNI


Kelly Oberlechner, CRNI


Karen Schwartz, CRNI


Paula Thompson, CRNI



Kay Coulter, CRNI (Chair)


Jean Adams, MSN, CRNI


Rebecca Berry, RN, MS


Lynn Czaplewski, CRNI


Virginia Murphy, BSN, CRNI


National Council on Education

Ofelia Santiago, BSN, CRNI, CCM (Chair)


Michelle Berreth, CRNI


Jennie Blackburn-Capel, CRNI, OCN, CNSN


Joyce Chedester, CRNI


Martha Hann, CRNI


Gail Koloc, CRNI


Lynn Phillips, MSN, CRNI


Celia Pulver, CRNI


Standards of Practice

Nancy Bagnall, CRNI (Chair)


Mary Ann Daehler, CRNI, OCN, MS


Debbie Lindgren-Clendenen, CRNI, BAN, PHN


Laurie Rasberry, CRNI


Richard Sheehy, BSN, CRNI


Kathleen Walther, BSN, CRNI


Anthony Williams, BSN, MA, CRNI


1998 INCC Board of Directors

Judy Hankins, BSN, CRNI (Chair)


Coordinator, IV Admixture


Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital


Greensboro, North Carolina


Sharon Weinstein, MS, CRNI (Chair-Elect)


Director, Office of International Affairs


Premier, Inc.


Westchester, Illinois


Charles C. Boone


President Emeritus


Spartanburg Regional Medical Center


Spartanburg, South Carolina


Lewis Crane




Hersher Associates


Inverness, Illinois


Paul Creager (Public Member)


Retired Group President


Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems


New Vernon, New Jersey


M. Beth Mancini, RN, MSN, CNA


Senior VP, Nursing Administration


Parkland Memorial Hospital


Dallas, Texas


George Ritter, MD


Medical Director/VP Medical Affairs


Saratoga Community Hospital


Saratoga, New York


1998 INCC Examination Councils

RN Examination Council


Rose Ann Lonsway, CRNI



Carolyn Hedrick, CRNI



Claudia Anderson, CRNI


Kathryn Carlson, CRNI


Mary Heisey, CRNI


Nancy Mortlock, CRNI


Jane A. Weir, CRNI


LPN Examination Council


Ann Corrigan, CRNI



Cathy Betz, CRNI


Vicki Hunt, CRNI


Carolyn Swan, CLNI


Karen Miller, CRNI