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Centurion Port Access Trays

Tri-State Hospital Supply Corporation introduces Centurion Port Access Trays, customized to include all of the components needed to access, draw blood, infuse, and flush medications into implanted ports. Healthcare professionals may select from a variety of products, including Centurion SorbaView Window Dressing, Centurion Huber Infusion Sets, the Centurion Blood Draw Device, and preparation materials such as saline, syringes, and heparin to simplify patient care and reduce costs. For more information or to be connected to a Customer Service Representative in your area, call (800) 248-4058, or visit



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Sharps Compliance, Inc. Pitch-It Intravenous Poles

Pitch-It and Pitch-It Jr. Intravenous Poles recently were added to the Sharps Compliance, Inc. home healthcare product line. The portable, disposable, and collapsible IV poles have a tripod design that allows for an easy floor or tabletop setup. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be unfolded in approximately 10 seconds. The disposable poles eliminate the need for home healthcare professionals or drivers to retrieve, clean, bag, and store IV poles. Patients using the poles for gravity administered IVs experience greater mobility because of the poles' lightweight construction. The Pitch-It and Pitch-It Jr. IV Poles complement the Sharps Disposal By Mail System, offering homecare professionals additional cost-effective options for transportation and disposal of medical waste. For more information, contact Sharps Compliance, Inc. at (800) 772-5657.


Health Care Logistics Tray Size Sharps Container

To address healthcare professionals' need for portable and convenient sharps disposal, Health Care Logistics has added a Tray Size Sharps Container to its line of sharps disposal products. The container is small enough to fit into small drawers, procedure trays, and medicine boxes. Using a custom-designed holder, it can be attached to the sides of procedure carts, blood trays, emergency kits, crash carts, homecare kits, or any small, portable container used to store medications or treatment and procedural supplies. The holder bracket is constructed of stainless steel and can be easily attached to any clean, flat surface. The Tray Size Sharps Container is made of polypropylene, which is autoclavable and exceeds current industry standards for puncture resistance. A needle removal port allows hypodermic needles to be removed safely without being touched, and dual openings allow for the disposal of lancets, blood needles, butterfly needles, and small syringes. For more information, contact Spencer Fullerton, Health Care Logistics Marketing Department, at (800) 848-1633, ext. 336.


Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Stedman's Software

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins announces the availability of Stedman's Plus, Version 6.0, a medical/pharmaceutical spelling verification software product. The new software checks the spelling of more than 440,000 total medical, drug, and bioscience terms from 57 major medical specialties. Among the specialties included are orthopedics, oncology, cardiology, obstetrics/gynecology, radiology, and pathology/laboratory medicine. It incorporates current terms related to diseases, treatments, medical procedures, laboratory tests, medical/surgical equipment, medical specialties, eponyms, acronyms, and abbreviations. More than 10,000 new terms have been added to this version. The product is Y2K compliant and works with DOS/WIN/WIN 95/WIN NT and MAC operating systems. Microsoft users are able to use Stedman's Plus Version 6.0 with MS Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint programs. The software is available in CD-ROM and diskette formats. For more information, contact Pete Darcy at (410) 528-4031 or visit


Pall Medical Health Care Filtration Devices Catalog

The new OEM Health Care Filtration Devices Product Catalog is available, featuring an extensive selection of membranes, connectors, and housings. With more than 100 standard products immediately available for the filtration of medical fluids and gases, the catalog contains product finders, membrane descriptions, and a technology review section. It features detailed product performance information, clear product design specifications, and extensive product descriptions. The products in the catalog meet the diverse needs of healthcare settings, including the unique filtration requirements for IV drug administration and gas delivery during insufflation. Unique specialty devices target such applications as cardiovascular surgery and components for blood and IV sets. The catalog is free and can be ordered through Pall Medical OEM offices worldwide. For more information, call the Pall Medical Customer Service Department at (888) 676-7255, fax requests to (734) 913-6353, or visit