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AMF Technologies AMF-2000 Intravenous Stand

AMF Technologies introduces a new mobile intravenous stand. The AMF-2000 Intravenous Stand's 2-inch square aluminum center pole adjusts from 6 feet to 10 feet. It has a four-loop stainless steel hook system on top for hanging IV solutions. Its two 4-foot stainless steel flanking poles have eight teardrop receptacles for mounting electronics and other equipment. This rugged stand also has a heavy-duty, H-style weighted base to prevent tripping, and rolls smoothly on four 4-inch polyethylene lockable casters. Built for years of reliable service, the AMF-2000 has an attractive chip-resistant powder-coated gray finish. Literature is available upon request. For more information, contact Thomas J. O'Mara, Marketing Director, AMF Technologies, 50 Park Street, Boston, MA 02122. Call (617) 288-1200, fax (617) 288-7224, e-mail [email protected], or visit FIGURE

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3M Health Care Technology Delivered Learning

3M introduces Technology Delivered Learning, an interactive, CDROM-based system designed to provide operating room personnel with continuing education on infection prevention topics. The program enables employees at all levels to learn independently, according to their own pace and schedule. In addition, the program benefits managers by providing a convenient electronic means of administering competency tests and tracking staff competency. Technology Delivered Learning scores tests automatically and stores test results for as long as the facility continues to use the program. The system also produces certificates to recognize employees and to document completion of continuing education contact hours. The first course in this series, the Skin Prep Learning Course, is designed around best practice guidelines for skin preparation, as published by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For more information or to receive information by fax, call the 3M Health Care Customer Helpline at (800) 228-3957; write to 3M Health Care, attention: 00-HC-307, 3M Center, Building 275-4W-02, PO Box 33275, St. Paul, MN 55133-3275; e-mail: [email protected];


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