1. Hamm, Larry F. PhD, MAACVPR, FACSM
  2. Editor-in-Chief

Article Content

I am very pleased to announce that the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention (JCRP) will begin publishing some select articles in an electronic-only (ePub) format beginning with this issue of the journal. These articles will be assigned to a specific issue and included in the Table of Contents for both the digital and printed versions of that issue. A new symbol will be used in the Table of Contents (



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) to designate articles published in the electronic-only format.


As necessary, supplemental digital content may also be included in ePub articles. Only accepted manuscripts that have also completed the peer review and page proof processes will be considered for ePub and will be selected at the discretion of the editors.


The use of ePub articles in professional journals is a growing trend and the editors are pleased to add this publication option to JCRP. Information concerning ePub articles and more has been included in a recently updated version of the Instructions for Authors which in now available on the JCRP website ( Adding this publication option will allow more articles to be published sooner, and we hope that both readers and authors will appreciate it.


Larry F. Hamm, PhD, MAACVPR, FACSM




Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention