1. Bodine, Jennifer L. DNP, RN-BC, CEN

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Susan Bindon and Kari Schmidt: The Journal for Nurses in Professional Development (JNPD) "Preceptorship" column will continue to focus on innovative and high-impact aspects of preceptorship. Coordinating onboarding and supporting preceptors are major accountabilities for many nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners. These programs focus on new graduate nurses' experiences with preceptors as they transition from academics to the practice setting. As Co-Editors for the JNPD, we are pleased to announce that this column will be edited by Jennifer Bodine. In the upcoming columns, Dr. Bodine will share evidence-based and practical approaches to support and facilitate preceptor programs. Jenn shares her background and vision for the column in the following paragraphs. We welcome her insights and contribution to JNPD!


Dr. Bodine: I am privileged to have been selected as the new editor of the "Preceptorship" column. My nursing career started later in life as a convenient way to adapt to the nomadic life of a military spouse. The steady-stream of military moves provided me the unique perspective of experiencing the world through the eyes of a new hire every two to three years. Undoubtedly, my own constant transition sparked my interest in ensuring that the onboarding process was as helpful and efficient as possible. As a result, I have spent the last five years progressing from a unit-based NPD practitioner to the Director of Staff Education. During this time, I have worked with numerous residency, orientation, and preceptor programs.


My exposure to various healthcare systems has been both eye-opening and comforting. It has been eye-opening because I have observed that every organization, at every level, struggles with the transition-to-practice process. However, I have found comfort in the fact that NPD practitioners, despite their many frustrations, persevere by developing innovative methods to shepherd in the new workforce.


My vision for the "Preceptorship" column is rooted in the spirit of providing useful and timely information while encouraging and sharing innovative practices. The goal is to elevate the dialogue regarding the challenges faced in preceptors and transitioning nurses into the dynamic healthcare setting, as well as highlighting strategies designed to successfully navigate this dynamic environment. The discussion topics will be relevant to the everyday preceptorship issues faced by NPD practitioners, and I encourage your inputs on specific subjects that you would like to read about. Please e-mail me your thoughts at