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C-NICAS, Competency assessment, Informatics competencies, Practicing nurses



  1. Kleib, Manal PhD, RN
  2. Nagle, Lynn PhD, RN, FAAN


In today's digitally enabled healthcare environment, it is vitally important to assess Canadian nurses' competency in informatics. The researchers developed the Canadian Nurse Informatics Competency Assessment Scale, a 21-item comprehensive measure based on entry-to-practice informatics competencies for registered nurses, to facilitate assessment of informatics competencies and consequent, planning of formal and continuing education in informatics. The Canadian Nurse Informatics Competency Assessment Scale was used in a cross-sectional survey to determine self-perceived informatics competencies for Alberta's practicing nurses. Results from 2844 completed surveys showed that these nurses perceived their overall informatics competency as slightly above the mark of competent. Perceptions of competency were highest on foundational information and communication technology skills, slightly lower on competencies related to professional regulatory accountability and the use of information and communication technologies in the delivery of patient care, and lowest on information and knowledge management competencies. This study shed some light on priority areas for informatics education among practicing nurses in Alberta. Implications for nursing practice and research are discussed.