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Actinic (Solar) Keratosis, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Daylight-Mediated Photodynamic Therapy, methyl aminolevulinate



  1. Spelman, Lynda
  2. Holland, Teagan
  3. Davidson, Kurt


ABSTRACT: Actinic (solar) keratoses are premalignant lesions caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation, with the potential to progress into squamous cell carcinoma. Hence, use of appropriate therapies is critical for effective treatment. Daylight-mediated photodynamic therapy with methyl aminolevulinate cream is a convenient new option for the safe and effective treatment of actinic (solar) keratosis lesions, offering similar efficacy to conventional photodynamic therapy, nearly painless treatment, and reduced in-clinic times. Use of appropriate therapies and optimization of clinical practice are critical for safe and effective treatment. Nurses play a key role in ensuring best clinical practice and effective treatment. This article explains the practicalities and principles of daylight-mediated photodynamic therapy to ensure best practice by treating nurses.