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Shirley Fondiller, EdD, RN, FAAN, a noted educator, journalist, and nursing historian, died in her home in New York City on May 24 at the age of 94. She was a founding member of the International Academy of Nursing Editors and the founding editor of the American Nurses Association's official member newspaper, The American Nurse. She was a prolific writer, as noted in her biography/obituary (!/Obituary): "Over the course of her career, Shirley wrote hundreds of articles, papers and monographs, and contributed to numerous professional journals and books on the history of nursing and medical institutions, leaders in nursing, careers in health care, and other professional issues."

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Shirley was a frequent contributor to AJN, coordinating a "job focus" series about nursing in various parts of the country, and writing about writing. In a 1994 article, "Writing for Publication," she wrote: "Writing is a craft. You need to keep cultivating and refining your writing skills, and you can only do that if you keep writing."


The first time I met Shirley was in the early 1990s in the old AJN offices on West 57th Street in New York City. I was in the library looking for an article when I heard a voice behind the stacks complaining that things were not filed correctly. This impeccably dressed woman appeared from around the shelves, looked at me, and said, "I mean, what's the use of a filing system if one can't depend on it. One should be able to depend on certain things." She then went off to find the librarian.-Maureen Shawn Kennedy, MA, RN, FAAN, AJN Editor-in-Chief