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  1. Allen, Caitlin G. MPH
  2. Brownstein, J. Nell PhD
  3. Cole, Maria MSSW, MPH
  4. Hirsch, Gail MEd
  5. Williamson, Susie MM, MA, BA
  6. Rosenthal, E. Lee PhD, MS, MPH


Although community health workers (CHWs) continue to gain credibility and recognition in the health care and public health sectors, there is still a need to expand workforce identity and development efforts, including identifying best practices for assessing CHW skill proficiencies. During this qualitative study, we interviewed 32 CHWs, trainers, and supervisors to understand current practice, perspectives, and perceived importance in assessing CHW skills and guiding principles for CHW skill assessment. Results from these interviews can be used to inform CHW workforce development to enhance efforts among those who are actively building CHW programs or who are considering improvements in strategies to assess CHW skill proficiencies.