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Handheld devices, Mobile health, Planned obsolescence, Usability, User interface



  1. Tu, Ming-Hsiang MS, RN
  2. Chang, Polun PhD
  3. Lee, Ying-Li MS, RN


This study examined staff perceptions of planned obsolescence during a transition from old to new handheld devices for long-term mobile healthcare. Questionnaires based on the technology acceptance model were used to evaluate perceived ease of use and usefulness. This study recruited 120 staff from 26 long-term care facilities who used the old device and 86 staff from nine of the 26 original facilities who used the new device. Although the new devices with advanced features scored significantly higher in acceptance ratings, users still expressed high acceptance of, satisfaction with, and willingness to use the old device, which featured an effective and carefully designed user interface. Usability design plays an essential role in preventing the obsolescence of mobile handheld technology.