1. Brannon, Barbara C.
  2. Carlton, Paul K. Jr.

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We were surprised and dismayed to read the inaccuracies published under the title "Air Force May Change Nurse Corps Admission Standards" (News, December). AJN misrepresented our nursing optimization initiative.


Air Force Nursing Services currently has a two-tiered patient care delivery system that consists primarily of bachelor's degree nurses and unlicensed assistive personnel. We are exploring the possibility of including enlisted licensed practical nurses and associate degree nurses in our skill mix to more closely reflect staffing in civilian health care organizations. These initiatives will enable us to optimize the talents of our enlisted force and provide selected members the opportunity to advance their skills.


At no time has the Air Force Medical Service advocated changing the current requirement for a baccalaureate degree in nursing for commission in the Air Force Nurse Corps (AFNC). Military nursing took the lead in advancing the American Nurses Association position that a baccalaureate degree should be the entry level for practice as a professional nurse. In fact, the AFNC has required a bachelor's degree for commissioning since 1982.


It is important that your journal, which reaches such a large population of nurses, accurately reflects the Air Force position in this matter.


Barbara C. Brannon


Brigadier General, USAF, NC; Director, Nursing Services; Office of the Air Force Surgeon General


Paul K. Carlton, Jr.


Lieutenant General, USAF, MC, CFS; Air Force Surgeon General; Washington, DC


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