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knowledge, master's degree-prepared advanced practice registered nurses, NP role, perception, researcher-developed survey, role development



  1. Dickman, Chaya MSN, RN
  2. Miller, Tamar BSN, RN
  3. Muchow, Lori BSN, RN, CCRN
  4. Ward-Smith, Peggy PhD, RN


Abstract: This study assessed Israeli nurses' knowledge of the emerging role of master's-prepared NPs. Based on an integrated review of the literature, a study-specific survey was developed, including dichotomous knowledge items, Likert scored perception items, and self-disclosed demographic data. Analyses of the 146 responses revealed that exposure to NPs was limited. Knowledge specific to the role or clinical competency was lacking, yet the assessment capabilities and overall perception of NPs were positive. Data demonstrate a willingness to include NPs in the care model and an awareness that doing so would positively contribute to the overall health of patients.