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  1. Garrett, Michael B. MS, CCM, CVE, NCP, BCPA


Purpose of Manuscript: Patient-centeredness is a cornerstone of case management practice. Professional case managers must conduct a clinical assessment to develop a care plan that addresses the clinical issues as well as the patient's needs, preferences, values, and choices. To achieve patient-centeredness, the case manager must engage with the patient in order to build a relationship that supports the patient-identified goals and addresses gaps in care. This article provides information on key terms in patient-centeredness, such as patient satisfaction, patient experience, and patient empowerment. The article ends with two case examples to show how the interventions outlined can be applied in specific situations.


Primary Practice Setting: Patient-centeredness applies to all settings and levels of care.


Implications for Case Management: The case manager will learn about successful organizational strategies that can be deployed to support patient-centeredness. The article also identifies several key case-specific strategies that can be deployed when case managers work with patients. The metrics used in evaluating and improving patient-centeredness are also described.