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leg ulcer, Martorell's syndrome, Martorell's ulcer, microcurrent stimulation, wireless microcurrent stimulation, wound care



  1. Wirsing, Peter G. MD
  2. Konstantakaki, Maria
  3. Poulas, Konstantinos A. PhD


ABSTRACT: Martorell's ulcers are hard-to-heal leg ulcers typically accompanied by a significant elevation of blood pressure and severe pain. This case study examines the use of an innovative technology, wireless microcurrent stimulation, for the healing of a Martorell's ulcer. Using wireless microcurrent stimulation, study authors managed to reduce the size of a large Martorell's ulcer by 90% within 8 weeks. In this article, the case of a 65-year-old woman is discussed in detail, and this new, contactless method is compared with traditional ulcer healing methods.