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  1. Frasier, Nora DNP, MBA, RN, FACHE, NEA-BC


OBJECTIVE: This study examined the impact of a pilot leadership development program on nurse managers' (NMs') use of authentic leadership behaviors.


BACKGROUND: Nurse managers often receive little or no formal training. Literature suggests formal leadership development programs can enhance their leadership competency. A leadership development program was designed and pilot tested to determine effectiveness in enhancing authentic leadership competency.


METHODS: A cross-sectional study used a convenience sample of 16 NMs who participated in the pilot program.


RESULTS: Measurable increases in authentic leadership behaviors were demonstrated in both the self-assessments (mean scores increased in 3 of 4 subscales) and RN direct report assessments (mean scores increased in all 4 subscales), with statistical significance achieved in 1 self-awareness behavior.


CONCLUSIONS: The pilot program demonstrated merit as a tool to enhance NMs' authentic leadership behaviors. Managers perceived greater self-awareness, and direct reports perceived positive change in managers' use of authentic leadership behaviors.