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  1. Bradley, Jennifer M. PhD, RN, AHN-BC, ACC
  2. Moore, Linda Weaver PhD, RN, CNL


OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to explore professional coaches' perceptions of nurse managers (NMs) and the NM role.


BACKGROUND: Nurse Managers are often inadequately prepared, developed, and supported in their roles. Professional coaching is a strategy that may prove beneficial to help prepare NMs for their roles.


METHODS: A qualitative design using researcher-participant interviews of 11 professional coaches provided data regarding coaches' perceptions of NMs and the role development needs.


RESULTS: Coaches reported why they made the decision to coach NMs, why NMs sought coaching services, how the NM experience differed from that of higher level leaders, and what the coaches believed was their most valuable contribution when working with NMs.


CONCLUSION: Findings suggest that coaches can provide needed support to NMs to maximize their role effectiveness and preparedness.