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Steven B. Heymsfield, MD, FTOS, an obesity and human nutrition expert and one of the world's highest-cited research scholars, serves as the 2018-2019 president for The Obesity Society. Heymsfield is a professor and director of the Metabolism & Body Composition Laboratory at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center of the Louisiana State University System in Baton Rouge. He has published more than 600 peer-reviewed articles on obesity, nutrition, and metabolism and has received numerous awards for his research. Dr Heymsfield's research focuses primarily on human obesity, including energy balance regulation, weight loss treatments, comorbidity effects, and development of related mathematical models. He also has a long-term interest in the development of methods for evaluating body composition and the application of new technologies such as 3-dimensional optical imaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging, and positron emission tomography to the study of human metabolism. Congratulations, Steve!

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Allen Taylor, a senior scientist and director of the Laboratory for Nutrition and Vision Research at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) at Tufts University, has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Taylor was recognized for distinguished contributions to the field of molecular and nutritional gerontology, ophthalmology, and protein quality control and for using science to confront major sociopolitical challenges (science diplomacy). Taylor's work focuses on defining and understanding how aging and diet contribute to the abnormal accumulation of proteins that cause eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and cataract. Specifically, he explores the relations between dietary carbohydrate intake, the ability of cells to recognize and remove toxic damaged proteins (ubiquitin proteasome pathway and autophagic lysosomal pathways), and aging in the development of eye diseases. In addition to his position at the HNRCA, Taylor is also a professor of nutrition at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts, professor of ophthalmology at Tufts University School of Medicine, and a member of the Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology and Pharmacology & Drug Development program faculty at the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at Tufts. Congratulations, Allen!


90 Years


Ninety years ago, the first journal devoted entirely to the publication of research in nutritional science was born. To house The Journal of Nutrition, the American Institute of Nutrition (now the American Society for Nutrition) was also created in 1928. Over the course of its history, the journal has evolved to encompass the broad, interdisciplinary field of nutrition that includes studies using human, animal, cell culture, and molecular models that advance our understanding of nutritional mechanisms as well as public health and epidemiologic studies relevant to human nutrition. As a tribute to some of the landmark articles published in The Journal of Nutrition, nutrition researchers have written "90th Anniversary Commentaries" that highlight how these articles have advanced our basic understanding of nutrition and examine their impact on present-day nutrition research. These manuscripts were among the most highly cited and were selected by The Journal of Nutrition editors as being representative of the various fields of nutrition that have been documented by the Journal. The 90th Anniversary Commentaries are published in The Journal of Nutrition and in a dedicated virtual issue that also includes a collection of the original articles.


Please go to to find the commentaries. They are fascinating reading and include articles by some of our Editorial Board here at Nutrition Today!



The Micronutrient Forum announced the appointment of Dr Saskia Osendarp, as its executive director. Osendarp, who holds an MSc and PhD in nutrition from Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands, will lead the forum as it continues to serve as a global and technical resource on micronutrients. Since winning the Young Investigator Award in the late 1990s from the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, she has earned an impressive record of academic, public health, and private sector research and innovation achievements. She has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, scientific publications, and book chapters and has led cross-functional research teams on innovative products through public-private partnerships. Most recently, she led a multisectoral working group based in the Netherlands, to promote nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive approaches in evidence-informed development policies and strategies. In addition, Dr Osendarp is visiting associate professor of nutrition and health in low- and middle-income countries at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.



American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology/World Allergy Organization Joint Congress

February 22 to 26, 2019


San Francisco, California


American Society of Preventive Oncology 42nd Annual Conference

March 10 to 12, 2019


Tampa, Florida


ASPEN 2019 Nutrition and Science Conference

March 23 to 26, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


20th International Congress on Nutrition & Health

March 28 to 20, 2019


Stockholm, Sweden


XV International Conference on Food Security and Nutrition

April 8 to 10, 2019


Barcelona, Spain


National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meetings

May 8 to 12, 2019


Boston, Massachusetts