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Delivery of healthcare, Health services, Q-Sort



  1. Kim, Jeongeun PhD, RN
  2. Piao, Meihua PhD, RN
  3. Byun, Ahjung MSN, RN
  4. Lee, Jisan PhD, RN


Recent rapid development of medical and information technology has enabled the use of appropriate techniques for the delivery of healthcare. This project involved prediction of the meaning and structure of future health services, which are now commonly described through various keywords, without establishment of the concepts. The objectives of this study were to identify key concepts and values about future health services and to categorize the prediction of those from the perspectives of the concerned professionals using Q-methodology with 50 selected Q-statements. A total of 53 participants performed the Q-sort task using the 50 statements; collected data were analyzed using an associated program, pc-QUANL. Fifty Q-samples were selected to sort the concepts, and 53 professionals sorted the Q-samples. Six concepts were summarized, namely, the Optimistic Innovation Positive Type, Pessimistic Resistance to Technology-Driven Medicine Type, Intelligent Information Technology Centered Type, Bio-technology Centered Type, Personal Health Data Centered Type, and Customized Care Centered Type. The results could be used in the future design of consumer-centered health services. Advanced technology may accommodate the individual needs of different stakeholders and carve an ecosystem-wide suite of interacting complex adaptive systems.