1. Littlefield, Amber DNP, APRN, MEd, FNP-C

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Students may enter a nursing program without knowing how to decipher pertinent information within a learning activity. This deficit may cause students to feel overwhelmed by the content to be learned. Learning how to learn takes practice. Edpuzzle is a free online application that instructors can use to allow students to practice learning. This application gives students the opportunity to engage with content by answering (multiple-choice or open-ended) questions, listening to audio, and/or viewing text boxes throughout a given video lesson. By answering questions throughout the video, students are able to evaluate their knowledge. Students can then self-identify content that has not been mastered. Text boxes can be used to highlight aspects of the lesson and model how to focus on the most pertinent information within a given lesson. Once completed, instructors can view students' progress and determine areas that may need to be readdressed. As an example, Edpuzzle ( can be used to review content before an examination. This allows students the opportunity to evaluate their knowledge and refer back to content that they may need to review before a high-stakes test. This application can potentially assist with many outcomes.