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capstone simulation, leadership, nursing students, simulation, standardized patients



  1. Strickland, Haley P. EdD, RN
  2. Welch, Teresa D. EdD, RN, NEA-BC


Background: New graduate nurses are expected to function autonomously and be practice-ready upon graduation. However, transitioning from the role of student to one of leadership in the professional nurse's role is a complex experience.


Problem: Concerns for safety and liability in an increasingly complex health care environment may limit the availability of relevant clinical experiences for nursing students to develop leadership skills.


Approach: The Mock Hospital, a comprehensive capstone simulation, was designed to immerse senior nursing students into the leadership role of the professional nurse.


Outcome: Positive feedback obtained from students through reflection and discussion supports the implementation of a capstone simulation.


Conclusions: Supporting new graduate nurses' transition into practice, while preparing the next generation of nurses to successfully meet the challenges of a complex health care environment, will require innovative and transformative educational experiences.