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  1. Chang, Sin-Yuan MSN, RN
  2. Chen, Wen-Shiang MD, PhD
  3. Teng, Ting MS, PT
  4. Yeh, Chien-Yu MS, PT
  5. Yen, Hsiao-Ching MS, PT


Background: The incidence of falls on inpatient oncology units indicated the need for quality improvement. This project aimed to reduce falls by implementing a fall reduction plan including the "Traffic Light" Fall Risk Assessment Tool (TL-FRAT).


Local Problem: We retrospectively reviewed the oncology unit fall data from January 2013 to September 2014 and found that the average fall incidence was high.


Methods: The project used a program evaluation design, and the process was guided by Kotter's 8-step change model.


Interventions: We implemented the TL-FRAT to classify oncology inpatients at a high risk of falling in advance.


Results: The average fall incidence and falls with injury during the project were reduced.


Conclusions: Adding the TL-FRAT to the fall protocol on the units effectively reduced the incidence of falls related to impaired mobility. The TL-FRAT can improve nurses' sensitivity to falls related to impaired mobility and, subsequently, guide corresponding fall prevention strategies.