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  1. Smith, Kelly M. PhD
  2. Baker, Kelley M. MA
  3. Bardsley, Joan K. MBA, RN, CDE
  4. McCartney, Patricia PhD, RN
  5. Magee, Michelle MD


Background: Methods to deliver diabetes education are needed to support patient safety and glycemic control in the transition from hospital to home.


Purpose: This study examined barriers and facilitators of integrating web-based, iPad-delivered diabetes survival skills education (DSSE) into the nursing inpatient unit workflow.


Methods: Nurses, nurse managers, and patient care technicians (PCTs) from 3 medical-surgical and 2 behavioral health units participated in semistructured interviews and focus groups.


Results: Four themes emerged: educational program and content; platform usability; tablet feasibility (eg, theft prevention, infection control, and charging); and workflow considerations. Behavioral health unit-specific concerns were also identified. Findings indicated that nurses and PCTs were eager to find approaches to deliver DSSE.


Conclusions: Implementation of a web-based DSSE program for inpatients needs adaptation to overcome challenges at the patient, care team, and process levels.