1. Goodwin, Susan A. MS, RN, CNS, CPAN

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Conscious Sedation in Gastroenterology: A Handbook for Nurse Practitioners


Reviewed by Susan A. Goodwin, MS, RN, CNS, CPAN


Edited by Meg Skelly and Diane Palmer. London; Whurr Publishers, 2003. $30.95. ISBN 1-86156-266-7. 157 pages.


Written by English practitioners and published in London, this book presents an in-depth review of conscious sedation for gastroenterology as practiced in England. It is written specifically for advanced practice nurses in this field.


The first chapter presents an interesting and distinctive examination on the history of sedation, especially as it relates to the practice of gastroenterology. The following chapters detail the required information and skills for this area of practice, and include pharmacology, patient assessment, monitoring of the sedated patient, assessment of conscious sedation levels, and complications.


The practice of conscious sedation in the United States and in England has many similarities. However, there are enough differences that render this book interesting reading for a US practitioner, but not essential reading. The trade names of drugs are different in England; drugs that are used in England are not used in the United States, and vice versa. There are differences in the practice of medicine and nursing between the 2 countries that could create some confusion to the reader. Conscious Sedation in Gastroenterology frequently references The Manual of Conscious Sedation written by Michael Kost and published in 1998 by WB Saunders. For an American practitioner, the book written by Kost is a better reference.