hospice care, international, long-term strength, parent caregivers, strength-based interview



  1. Haley, Janice Marie PhD, C-PNP, FNP, CNE


Research conducted using the Haley Transcultural Strengths Assessment Interview Guide used in several studies has identified 11 sources of strength routinely utilized by parents caring for their child with intensive needs and child in hospice/palliative care. Results of past studies demonstrated this Strengths Guide (SG) interview to be an intervention bringing a heightened realization of the importance and utilization of one's inner strengths. The purpose of this study was to assess the long-term impact of this SG with a population of parents who participated in a previous study using the SG. This descriptive study was conducted using a quantitative tool, the Personal Strength Rating Scale, comparing the post-SG interview results with those results obtained 3 years later. Participants in this study were parents caring for a child receiving palliative/hospice care at home in Kenya. Results revealed the long-term retention of strengths following the SG interview 3 years previously was, for most sources of strength, equal to or greater than those obtained immediately following the SG.