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cost analysis, cost-effectiveness, diffusion, HIV prevention, intervention, threshold analysis



  1. Trentacoste, Nicole D. MPH
  2. Holtgrave, David R. PhD
  3. Collins, Charles PhD
  4. Abdul-Quader, Abu PhD


Economic evaluations of researched HIV-prevention interventions assist service providers in decision making and can help disseminate effective interventions into practice. The study described in this article presents a cost analysis of an intervention that was effective in a research setting. This article also provides threshold analyses that set performance standards to determine if an intervention is cost-effective or cost-saving. From a service provider's perspective, the cost for this intervention is estimated at $50306.40 for one year (for 150 clients). The base-case, cost per client of this intervention is estimated at $335.38. Threshold analyses revealed that in order for Safety Point to be considered cost-saving, it should avert at least 0.411 HIV infections per 150 clients.