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Communication, Hands-free communication, HFCD, Hospital communication system, Vocera



  1. West, Gordon F. PhD
  2. Lustik, Michael B. MS
  3. Hopkinson, Susan G. PhD


Qualitative reports of hands-free communication devices highlight numerous improvements in communication. The purpose of this study was to assess both usability and satisfaction scores at approximately 1 year after the implementation of a hands-free communication device at two different large military facilities. To do this, a survey that included the System Usability Scale and questions to assess satisfaction with regard to use, quality, and user satisfaction was provided to staff at both of these facilities. System usability scores indicated moderate satisfaction (61.7 at facility A, 63.8 at facility B). User satisfaction rated highest levels of agreement with the hands-free devices as an important system and being useful (35%-37% at facility A, 46% at facility B). Scores regarding improving the quality of work (A = 12%, B = 16%); safety of patients (A = 23%, B = 29%); and ability to do their job in a timely manner (A = 23%, B = 29%) were the lowest. The results highlight the potential benefits of Vocera for improving communication within the healthcare team. Given the large percentage of staff turnover at both of these facilities, the sustained benefit of hands-free devices will require ongoing training and continued evaluation of workflow processes.