1. Bogue, Richard J. PhD, FACHE
  2. Joseph, M. Lindell PhD, RN, FAAN


OBJECTIVE: We examined C-suite executives' strategies to empower the nursing workforce and to ensure their own accountability for nursing empowerment.


BACKGROUND: Leadership affects workforce empowerment. The literature provides little formal guidance on optimal strategies C-suite executives can adopt for improving nurse empowerment or ensuring leadership accountability for empowering the workforce.


METHODS: A system's top 47 executives were invited to be panelists in a Delphi study. Two Delphi rounds revealed leadership strategies for embedding empowerment and strategies for assessing leadership performance in workforce empowerment.


RESULTS: C-suite executives rated specific strategies higher for nursing workforce empowerment and for holding themselves accountable. Specific strategies were rated high as easier to implement and more likely to have a major impact.


CONCLUSIONS: C-suite executives implementing strategies with greater impact may accelerate nursing empowerment, especially when executives also adopt their own strategies for holding themselves accountable.