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Curriculum Development, Nurse Practitioner, Professional Identity, Role Transition, Rural Nursing



  1. Owens, Rhoda A.


AIM: The purpose of this scoping review was to explore the literature regarding the nurse practitioner (NP) role transition and professional identity development at rural health care settings.


BACKGROUND: Because of the shortage of primary care providers, NPs are meeting the demand for primary care in rural areas.


METHOD: Arksey and O'Malley's six-stage methodological framework for scoping reviews guided this systematic literature review, which resulted in selection of 145 sources.


RESULTS: Three major themes emerged: NPs in rural clinical practice, defining NP professional identity, and role transition to an NP identity.


CONCLUSION: Further research is needed to guide education program leaders on curriculum development. Rural health care facilities and nursing programs should partner in the orientation and continuing education needs of NPs to prepare and support their role transition and professional identity development. NPs will be instrumental in providing access to quality primary health care in rural communities.