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The Boomers' Eldercare Handbook: Oh $@#!!, My Parents Are Old


L. S. Kachmar & J. F. Steel. Haverford, PA. Infinity Publishing, 2003. 353 pp., $18.95. (888) 289-2665.


This comprehensive work addresses the main facets of aging and elder care, and is written in a casual and easy-to-read style by an attorney and her husband with an extensive background in healthcare. The work explores in the context of elder care how our society has been culturally downsized, and how this phenomenon impacts the delivery of caregiving by adult children who find that they must out-source caregiving duties if they are to maintain any sense of self.


The essential legal documents, such as durable power of attorney and a living will, are not just described and explained, but forms are included in the appendix. The differences between Medicare and Medicaid and the complex Medicaid eligibility rules are covered in easy-to-understand terms. Additionally, a list of valuable Web sites is provided as a useful reference for readers to explore in more detail topics of particular interest to them.