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The Caregiver's Essential Handbook: More than 1,200 Tips to Help You Care for and Comfort the Seniors in Your Life


S. Carr & S. Choron. New York, NY. McGraw-Hill Companies, 2003. 212 pp., $14.95. (212) 904-5951.


The Caregiver's Essential Handbook contains tips and advice culled from hundreds of experienced caregivers in an easy-to-use catalogue of useful tips, solutions, and ideas. With the potential for financial headaches, physical challenges, and time commitments, it's easy to understand why caregivers feel overwhelmed. The Caregiver's Essential Handbook helps manage the issues one solution at a time. Essential tips in this book will benefit not only the full-time care-giver, but also those who want to show kindness or caring for a senior, to those who need tips for long-distance caregiving.