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  1. Collins, Tracey L. PT, PhD, MBA
  2. Yong, Karen W. PT, MPT
  3. Marchetti, Mary T. PT, PhD
  4. Miller, Kenneth L. PT, DPT, CEEAA
  5. Booths, Brian DPT, ATC
  6. Falvey, Jason R. PT, DPT, PhD, CEEAA


The purpose of the Triple Aim is to improve population health, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the patient experience. These goals-to reduce cost while improving health outcomes and patient experiences have shifted utilization of services from other postacute care settings to the home. The purpose of this perspective article is to discuss how home healthcare services, and home physical therapy (PT) specifically, provide value to patients, caregivers, and payers to meet the goals of the Triple Aim. This article will substantiate the value of home PT and provide healthcare professionals with evidence-based information on the value of home PT.