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  1. Strano, April MBA, BSN, RN
  2. Briggs, Andrea ADN, RN
  3. Powell, Nicole ADN, RN
  4. Brockman, Jody ADN, RN
  5. Taylor, Jennifer MSN, RN
  6. Butler, Amy BSN, RN
  7. Soendker, Marcheta ADN, RN
  8. Upschulte, Shirley BSN, RN
  9. Long, Ellen MSN, RN
  10. Wills, Rebecca BSN, RN
  11. Ward-Smith, Peggy PhD, RN


The purpose of this study was to determine if the timing of home care visits post hospitalization for heart failure influenced hospital readmission rates. Using a randomized control study design, hospital readmission data were collected from 67 recently discharged patients with heart failure. The control group (n = 32) received the usual care, whereas the intervention group (n = 35) received an altered scheduling of home care visits. Seven study participants were readmitted during the study time frame (control group n = 3; intervention group n = 4). Emergency room visits occurred three times (control group n = 1; intervention group n = 2). The timing of the home healthcare visit did not affect hospital readmission. Adherence to weight monitoring, fluid restriction, and medication administration improved with the home care visits. Greater attention to these activities should be the focus of home healthcare visits as they may decrease hospital readmissions.