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BDid Patient Identification System

Becton Dickinson has joined with Park City Solutions to co-market the BDid Patient Identification System. The system is designed to reduce overall healthcare costs and enhance patient safety by reducing the potential for error when transporting and storing body fluid samples such as blood and urine. The system works through a handheld computer and built-in scanner, which are used to confirm the clinician's identity. The clinician then uses the device to confirm the patient's identity by scanning his or her bar-coded wristband. The specimen collected from the patient is then coded and stored along with collection orders. The device prints a bar-coded label for the specimen container at the bedside. Through beta-testing, the BDid system has been shown to reduce specimen collection errors by nearly 100%. For more information, contact Karen S. Carolonza, (201) 847-7033 or visit to learn more.



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Baxter Enhanced Compounding System

Baxter International has introduced a new Windows-based automated compounding system that the company hopes will lead to a decrease in medication errors and will increase efficiency when preparing TPN solutions. The Enhanced Automated Compounding System is a computer software package that combines LOGIX CM barcoding technology and MICROMIX BCR compounding software, which is intended to allow greater ease of use when entering and processing drug orders. The system allows users to send orders from remote sites, and provides a delivery report to verify ingredient volume. The barcoding technology allows users to verify placement of source solutions and download patient formulations when the barcode is scanned. For more information, visit



FIGURE. Baxter Enhan... - Click to enlarge in new windowFIGURE. Baxter Enhanced Automated Compounding System