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Horizon Medical Products Triumph VTX Port With LifeValve


FIGURE. HMP Port Wit... - Click to enlarge in new windowFIGURE. HMP Port With LifeValve

Horizon Medical Products (HMP) has introduced the new Triumph VTX Port with LifeValve, extending the platinum catheter technology used in its Vortex port line. The product is part of an ongoing effort to use fluid dynamics to reduce clotting that is caused by inadvertent backflow. The LifeValve Platinum technology uses embedded platinum that provides increased visibility during placement, and the product uses a pressure-sensitive valve that opens only during use. The valve is intended to make the use of heparin unnecessary and therefore reduce medical costs. For more information, visit


Alaris Guardrails Point-of-Care Safety Software Suite


FIGURE. Alaris Guard... - Click to enlarge in new windowFIGURE. Alaris Guardrails Software

The Alaris Guardrails Safety Software Suite for the Medley Medication Safety System is designed to help hospitals improve intravenous medication safety. The software manages how medications are programmed on an electronic infusion system by setting limits of infusion rates, doses, and volumes. The Guardrails Safety Software is the software application that resides in Alaris' Medley Point-of-Care Unit, a point-of-care management system that incorporates infusion, patient monitoring, and clinical best practice guidelines. For more information, visit


Baxa Abacus TPN Calculation Software

Baxa Corporation has launched the Abacus system, a Windows-based calculation software designed to make the ordering of total parenteral nutrition (TPN) safer by reducing the potential for errors. The system uses a graphical user interface, bar coded formula labels, and customizable warning limits to prevent order and mixing errors. The Abacus system is available in a stand-alone format, in single- and multi-user editions. For more information, contact Marian Robinson, (800) 567-2292 extension 2157 or