1. Zinkan, Jerri Lynn BSN, RN, MPH
  2. Rutledge, Chrystal MD
  3. Norwood, Carrie BSN, RN
  4. Wise, Kandi M. BSN, RN
  5. Gaither, Stacy MSN, RN
  6. Cameron, Brittany MSN, RN
  7. Tofil, Nancy M. MD, MEd
  8. Raju, Sai Krishna Surapa MD


Early recognition of and prompt intervention for the deteriorating pediatric patient remains paramount in preventing cardiac arrests from occurring outside intensive care units. To decrease these events, we developed a three-part simulation-based blended learning course consisting of a computer-based training module, a simulation scenario, and follow-up in situ scenarios for inpatient nurses. After initiation of the course, our facility has seen a decrease in the number of codes outside critical care areas.