1. Taherkhani, Atefeh MSc
  2. Shahrokhi, Akram MSc
  3. Barikani, Ameneh PhD
  4. Rashvand, Farnoosh PhD


In Iran, nurses are responsible for administering parenteral nutrition (PN) to hospitalized patients in intensive care units (ICUs). However, little information is available among nurses in Iran regarding best practices in PN administration. This study evaluates the performance of critical care nurses in Iran in the administration of PN. The performance of 50 nurses in the administration of PN in the ICU was observed 3 times during a 5-month period for a total of 150 observations. A researcher-developed checklist, "Critical Care Nurses' Performance in Parenteral Nutrition Administration," was used for data collection. The total score in this checklist ranged from 0 to 52. Based on the procedural steps in the checklist and whether the steps were performed appropriately, nurses' performance was scored as poor, moderate, or good. The mean score of nurses' performances in PN administration skills was 24.6 +/- 2.5. This study found that 46 nurses had moderate skill levels in PN administration, and 3 demonstrated poor skills. Overall, the results indicated that critical care nurses in Iran have poor to moderate PN administration skills.