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  1. Nguyen, Huong Q. PhD, RN
  2. Carrieri-Kohlman, Virginia DNSc, RN
  3. Rankin, Sally H. PhD, RN
  4. Slaughter, Robert PhD
  5. Stulbarg, Michael S. MD


The Internet continues to evolve as a popular and increasingly vital channel for health information and communication among patients, families, and health providers. This article provides an overview of published studies that have described or tested Internet-based resources and interventions designed to support recovery and enhance health outcomes for the cardiac population. Three categories of applications are discussed: (1) peer support communities; (2) information support through automated, tailored patient education; and (3) professionally facilitated education and support programs. The article also address key issues such as barriers to innovation adoption, patient literacy, and the digital divide that must be overcome for successful integration of such interventions into clinical practice. How Internet-based interventions will fit with existing conventional programs and clinical practice structures is not yet clear. However, evidence that supports use of this new communication channel is likely to emerge as more programs are developed and rigorously evaluated.