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bioterrorism, communication networks, education, emergency department, infection control follow-up systems, local agencies, surveillance system



  1. McKenna, Verna B.
  2. Gunn, Julia E.
  3. Auerbach, John
  4. Brinsfield, Kathryn H.
  5. Dyer, K. Sophia
  6. Barry, M. Anita


The Boston Public Health Commission developed and implemented an active surveillance system for bioterrorism and other infectious disease emergencies. A bioterrorism Surveillance Task Force was formed with representatives from local emergency medicine, infection control, infectious diseases, public health, and emergency medical services. These local agencies worked together to develop a reliable, easy to use electronic surveillance system. Collaboration at the local level and building on existing relationships is a key component of this system. Effective follow-up systems and technology back-up plans are essential. Improved communication networks and increased bioterrorism education for clinicians and the general public have also been achieved.