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adolescent health, hepatitis B, immunization, survey methods



  1. Peddecord, K. Michael
  2. Linton, Leslie S.
  3. Edwards, Christine
  4. Simmes, Diana
  5. Fink, Nancy
  6. Wang, Wenrong
  7. Averhoff, Francisco
  8. Fishbein, Daniel B.


To identify adolescent hepatitis B coverage levels, a survey was conducted of seventh grade parents in San Diego County, California, using a random digit-dial telephone survey. A written survey was fielded also that was distributed at selected schools. Results were validated using data from a mandated report from all schools. Both survey methods overestimated the proportion completing the hepatitis B series by about 10%. Parents accurately reported immunization shot dates from the child's parent-held immunization shot record on the telephone and written surveys. The written survey, in addition to having a somewhat lower cost, may be useful when focusing on a localized area, whereas the telephone survey permits a more representative sample of a larger county-wide population.